Because of you,D.Wade

Mind constantly replay the fourth consecutive 4 remember the three points, as that year NBA finals, he again station come out, once again gods).
A losses, looking at his enfolding her bag down the unanimous knee pain of expression, feet jordans 2010 dazzling sway item, you will feel sad, you know it was a how of iron man one clank iron character of the intellectual man, Today, this belongs to win his game, one belongs to his night, full-court 46 points, single section 19 points, looking at his fourth quarter refuse shots out three points - just like "saving private Ryan of TOM HANKS crazy of German tanks shot alone, I believe the heat fans more felt distressed, heartache.
He walked on a lone path, lonely refuse, so cold and cheerless so lonely, not belittle team of anybody, but even win, you can still feel his shoulder the burden of not the slightest reduce. The team is like a ship with no sailing ship, slowly cruised to the existing iceberg. Ear ring me of you, that was once a kobe Bryant's fans in the lakers' music video. Accidentally comparison kobe Bryant with wade, just, alone bear the fortitude, really like. Kelly the full-bodied singing, from the start, affects your heart, whether in holy aura illuminate, or in the cold dark shadow, are full of let person palpitations and touched of strength, like him, maybe he can't win this series, but he can win your heart.
When such a complicated man in front of you but not true there, to thoroughly understand the human character is a very difficult thing - especially wade that, in the past, now and in the future will also is to have a strong desire to win, unless one day his legs lost vitality. "He wanted the team to win today will determine his style of play, he put everything in the resistance to his shoulders." that is the immortal man to 11 knife wade in that cold words, north shore TD, waiting for the garden, I'm afraid, will wade is final qualifier.

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