Please cherish the drunken call you man

If a man drunk after, call you, must cherish this man, because he is a deep in my heart most a clean one corner hiding you man. Maybe he is love you, you are his intimate lover, Perhaps he is the most need you, you are his confidante, Perhaps he is the most need you understand, you are his ambiguous woman. No matter what kind of relationship, don't miss, must treasure the man of this feeling. Whether you is which kind of relationship, don't interrupt him, his words although incoherence, even no clue, even he doesn't know what he's talking about. You don't interrupt him,jordan 6 and shouldn't laugh at him, because the society endues man too much pressure, money and power chasing also make them tired, overworked, Men only weep not light about ancient speech will also make them more implied himself. A standard of good man of image building that they appear, it is to blatant scenery after sorrow exhaustion. Can't ShuaQian, ShuaQian is good man should do. Can't bubble, the bubble is not responsible man should do. So what can unbosoming oneself the method of pressure? Have you seen any big men shuttling back and forth in stores, pick to pick. The big man can be pulling together you parents my short, said to DongQingChu crying. So, the society endues man unbosoming his own reason seems only hangover. Shenzhen, life geometry? A thousand cups of drunk. The moon when he has, wine ask blue sky, do not know to heaven! Now is the year? I would like to ride the return, and could vault YuYu altitude deeply cold ah. Hes heroic, hes disconsolate, air jordans hes acacia, much pressure. It is those who can put the man's poetic asperses lucky. And some men, ZhuoZuiBenSai, could not say my wretchedness. Some men, ranking official career, the more to board his speakers. Some men drink and then mixed. So, no matter which, at this time, they say how many there are many ideas. The drunk man to receive telephone woman, please cherish this a feeling, because you're maybe his wife, life on the road he also need support. Perhaps you are his lover, he needed it to a light-hearted liberation. Perhaps you are his friend, fellowship let him deeply attachment. Don't call at the other end QianQian fine wrinkle your eyebrows, also do not gently lower, want to listen carefully to him the words down and tears to flow, the bitter speak, remember fondly speaking out. Perhaps at this point you think he is a fantasy naughty children, perhaps you hope of old tall alls gone,air griffey  maybe you felt he was too fragile, that you are wrong, don't forget, the man also has weak, men also lonely, also afraid. Consider, when man desire is your warm embrace, is your hand gently stroke, is your word mild wind or three months, are you gently comfort, even thy tender exquisite eyes stare. However, at this time you cannot give him, you know, his heart also will it hurt? So, what you can do is only listen to, then quietly listen, don't say you had too much to drink, she said ZuiHua? You don't have to remind him, he clearly. Understand with their heart! Woman, learn to love! Learn to forgive! Know how to cherish! Since god gives us a gentle character, so gentle! Don't emphasize what gentleness is patience with depressed, that is from you just don't know gentleness. Good love this man! The woman, please cherish drunkenness to call you the man! If, can love, love him, If do not love, also take care him, If, love but can't love, in my heart it props up a stretch of the blue sky, let him sit your sunlight, in the heart of the best rose garden, let him lying in your field, he will feel your love.

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