My eyes of Jordan

"I can accept failure, but I can't accept give up".

"Before success, you must first learn to fail" - Michael Jordan

In most people's eyes, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player, his magnificent and endowed with the legendary basketball career for the sport, and his great influence of the inevitable let people pushed him into shrines. Elegant, speed, power, rich artistry, the impromptu creativity and overwhelmingly strong desire to win the perfect combination of... Jordan reinterpreted "superstar" meaning. He is recognized as the world's best basketball player, not only in his place in that era, in the entire NBA history Jordan are the best in the world. Even the same period were admitted superstar Michael Jordan lofty status, the magician Irwin Johnson; Johnson) said: "Michael Jordan on the top floor and then us."

Maybe you're not worship him, but you have to respect him, because he never to malicious hurtful, not for the fans do provocative actions, not drinking, don't take drugs. Whether in cheering, or by the visitors fans booed his return everybody is earnest and sincere smile and the exquisite much razzle, facing the billionaire fans, what he has done, just go silently move them, understand them, also let them know of himself.

As a graduated from the university of north Carolina black guy, through their own unremitting efforts proved to the world that its own value. He read spirals, in his freshman year when because stature and other reasons to be rejected in the school team out of the gate. But it was a blow did not let Jordan quit, instead more efforts, more sweat. All these unexpectedly let Jordan in just a few months has grown 10 centimeter, with skill improve Jordan finally buckle opened the door in the school team. 1984 the NBA draft convention, Jordan in the first round deserting record into basketball's highest halls. Jordan is a genius, this who can't deny, however genius also need spell it. In his just enter when professional basketball, he has been shrouded in "magic" Johnson and "large Bird" Byrd radiance of the second season in Jordan, under the playoffs the Celtic game, he crazy take 63 points. Post-match Larry Bird) so the evaluation (benchwarmer him: "today is god in the game up Jordan." Large birds have never liked compliment others, and because of this, the fans to now have the words in mind.

Beautiful air ballet, attack-schemes of any fadeaway shot, dribbling skills and shooting out a long tongue, it became Jordan's patent. Career averaging 30.123 points, history first, ten times leading scorer, six championships, the six NBA finals MVP, MVP, 5 times, 14 all-star. Countless times new records of produce boarded life, career and honor peak. He represents the NBA, the symbol of the basketball, the more symbolize the success. In material, spirit and so on various aspects under the impact of the temptation, he never lost self, still with a picture of a good behavioured man is image, battled faces towards life. On the pitch, he is god, a none, omnipotent god, his achievements, shock and brilliance is unprecedented. He to the game of basketball understanding, is any an average player cannot reach, he set scoring, rebounding, passing, steals, blocked shots at a suit, he can't stand the bulls lose a single match, he was like a ever know tired beast, crazy, crazy attack run, tear roadculture opponents defence, although there are two three to guard him to interference he even to him are still unable to prevent malicious forward footstep and winning the desire, let alone one-on-one defense, and have a "bad boy legion" -chenghai headed by Thomas pistons even invented the "Jordan rules, although this still cannot stop him heart, even the title was swept out. He led the bulls in 90-91,91-92,92-93 completed in the history of the three great feat row, created bull dynasty. Make the whole world fans all crazy about him, for he shouted for his yield.

But god also has felt the pressure. July 1993, bull hat-trick after two months, Michael Jordan's father James jordans murdered, jordans by the unexpected blow knocked down. In order to complete the father's wishes, when a baseball player, two days later, he announced his retirement. His 23 jersey also in the bulls retired..

Jordan's actions caused worldwide sensation, he as Nike spokesman, on his retirement Nike need to seek new hero to replace his position,jordans shoes  it's a pity in professional sports field no second Jordan, whole basketball shoe market sales dropped 30%. Magic Johnson, the former NBA superstar was in in TV programs on my knees, hands merger to pray, hope Michael Jordan could return to the NBA.

The bulls in Jordan left after the pitfalls that cannot complete title pippen great bull dynasty ended. Finally in 1995-1996 season, because of the love of the game, Jordan, in return for the first time this season, the Chicago bulls in leaders led obtained 72 wins 10 negative surprised brilliant achievements, unprecedented. All unconventional formidable, eventually easily defeat the sonics made the first four NBA championship. Bull in the Jordan led again toward the brilliant.

97 years in the finals, the game 5, Jordan before eating bad food poisoning,air jordans retro body quite weak, the situation is quite serious, but he still persist to play, and cut down the 38 points over the jazz. Finals game 6 last moments, Jordan breakthrough points ball to exterior Steve. Cole, cole shot at three points, the bulls to a fifth championship!

98, NBA finals,cheap jordans  still is bull against Utah game full of confidence, many people are valued jazz will win, but Jordan doesn't agree. The first six games, scottie pippen back to endure played poorly, more should rely on Michael Jordan. "The mailman" and "general" combination is still strong

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