Let the joy continue!

When the Olympic torch relay in guizhou, again invited came to the platform holds the Olympic flame empress live show." Because just back from mianyang and have another earthquake over the past month, where he went there would be side ask about disaster situation. Recently I do more things is to accompany children to disaster areas, they bring joy. Everyone is concerned about earthquake victims, every time that I will visit disaster children, my friends and colleagues are all hope I can give them linked to a disaster areas in need of help for their children, oneself do some specific help. But I didn't finish them over to my task. Every time I see disaster kids, I didn't have the courage to ask their home circumstance, because I want to see their smile more, want to let their life earlier subsided. With the kid lead 61, see when they visit venues excited very happy. However, someone asked sat beside my little girl home circumstance, she has a low voice say, "my sister didn't." From these two sentences simple conversations later, to I with their time of break up, and the little girl has been low head... And go to sea water of sanya wenchuan activities, to see the children before they heard that some have become orphans, let me in the process of being together with them more carefully to communicate with them. Two days ago and li ning sports foundation to go see have classes in mianyang of students, and sent them by Hong Kong charitable organizations "healthy express" donated tents and cot and other substances. In shacks classroom see children, they are very lovely, no more language, but when li ning eldest brother, the classroom after performing handstand a lively up, cheerful laughters, admire the JingTanSheng still reverberating, students also have pulled out their skills, euphemism qiang songs and punchy reading "ManJiangGong", let us feel the children's bright and strong. When the bring their sugar to all the time. The children is happy. At last the children to take on my wrist of Beijing Olympic Games volunteer "smile circle" is also carried out "forced for"! This is where the age the energy due, maybe can't let them suddenly forget the pain, at least I know they eat candy at the moment of the mouth is sweet... This is also our to purpose, give schoolmates to bring more encouragement and happy.

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