Cherish hero - miss xu wave

Last night to watch sports news, this gap see only learned about xu wave wrecked the news of... Because they like racing, participated in domestic rally, so the recent is watching the news through east, remember the first day of xu wave does well, fifth, have never thought the next day the traffic is bad, let his car bad on the side of the road, so the trailer is probably hook off? Specific I also is not very understanding. Anyhow, xu wave leave too accident! Is really very grieved!!! Speaking of xu waves, may not concern racing friend is not clear, but seen in Dakar rally friends, should know his name; In racing, xu wave name no know. He is an outstanding talented riders, rally is his favourite career. I and xu wave communication though not a lot, from others heard some of his story, but he also to have certain knowledge. Remember last year to longyou RACES, saw his playing style, car very beautiful, mature technology, speed, pretty admire him. Unknown team last year in his lead also made brilliant achievements, in awards, I saw xu waves and his team multiple podium, was still want to wait until next year's competition, with xu waves to consult, improve their motorbike. But who knows he was so accidentally gone... Xu wave is that very talented drivers, he had served as honghe's rally driver participated in Dakar rally for the tournament, which is known to every driver is a high challenge, xu waves of Dakar achievement is good. I think every wave will know xu for his accident left but feel sorry for. His fame may not senna, MaiKeLei, no more than they brilliant record, but in China the racing, xu waves of name absolutely is famous! Say to Russia's accident, actually racing itself is safe, car inner in every respect to pay much attention to the protection of racer, may be said to be very comprehensive, even if car turned into the ditch, drivers are usually no problem, and xu wave this sank into the mud was not injured. In the domestic game, also do not have such a serious accident, as long as the driver is normal standard operation, do not have great safety problems.

24.11.10 08:24


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