Because of you,D.Wade

Mind constantly replay the fourth consecutive 4 remember the three points, as that year NBA finals, he again station come out, once again gods).
A losses, looking at his enfolding her bag down the unanimous knee pain of expression, feet jordans 2010 dazzling sway item, you will feel sad, you know it was a how of iron man one clank iron character of the intellectual man, Today, this belongs to win his game, one belongs to his night, full-court 46 points, single section 19 points, looking at his fourth quarter refuse shots out three points - just like "saving private Ryan of TOM HANKS crazy of German tanks shot alone, I believe the heat fans more felt distressed, heartache.
He walked on a lone path, lonely refuse, so cold and cheerless so lonely, not belittle team of anybody, but even win, you can still feel his shoulder the burden of not the slightest reduce. The team is like a ship with no sailing ship, slowly cruised to the existing iceberg. Ear ring me of you, that was once a kobe Bryant's fans in the lakers' music video. Accidentally comparison kobe Bryant with wade, just, alone bear the fortitude, really like. Kelly the full-bodied singing, from the start, affects your heart, whether in holy aura illuminate, or in the cold dark shadow, are full of let person palpitations and touched of strength, like him, maybe he can't win this series, but he can win your heart.
When such a complicated man in front of you but not true there, to thoroughly understand the human character is a very difficult thing - especially wade that, in the past, now and in the future will also is to have a strong desire to win, unless one day his legs lost vitality. "He wanted the team to win today will determine his style of play, he put everything in the resistance to his shoulders." that is the immortal man to 11 knife wade in that cold words, north shore TD, waiting for the garden, I'm afraid, will wade is final qualifier.

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Please cherish the drunken call you man

If a man drunk after, call you, must cherish this man, because he is a deep in my heart most a clean one corner hiding you man. Maybe he is love you, you are his intimate lover, Perhaps he is the most need you, you are his confidante, Perhaps he is the most need you understand, you are his ambiguous woman. No matter what kind of relationship, don't miss, must treasure the man of this feeling. Whether you is which kind of relationship, don't interrupt him, his words although incoherence, even no clue, even he doesn't know what he's talking about. You don't interrupt him,jordan 6 and shouldn't laugh at him, because the society endues man too much pressure, money and power chasing also make them tired, overworked, Men only weep not light about ancient speech will also make them more implied himself. A standard of good man of image building that they appear, it is to blatant scenery after sorrow exhaustion. Can't ShuaQian, ShuaQian is good man should do. Can't bubble, the bubble is not responsible man should do. So what can unbosoming oneself the method of pressure? Have you seen any big men shuttling back and forth in stores, pick to pick. The big man can be pulling together you parents my short, said to DongQingChu crying. So, the society endues man unbosoming his own reason seems only hangover. Shenzhen, life geometry? A thousand cups of drunk. The moon when he has, wine ask blue sky, do not know to heaven! Now is the year? I would like to ride the return, and could vault YuYu altitude deeply cold ah. Hes heroic, hes disconsolate, air jordans hes acacia, much pressure. It is those who can put the man's poetic asperses lucky. And some men, ZhuoZuiBenSai, could not say my wretchedness. Some men, ranking official career, the more to board his speakers. Some men drink and then mixed. So, no matter which, at this time, they say how many there are many ideas. The drunk man to receive telephone woman, please cherish this a feeling, because you're maybe his wife, life on the road he also need support. Perhaps you are his lover, he needed it to a light-hearted liberation. Perhaps you are his friend, fellowship let him deeply attachment. Don't call at the other end QianQian fine wrinkle your eyebrows, also do not gently lower, want to listen carefully to him the words down and tears to flow, the bitter speak, remember fondly speaking out. Perhaps at this point you think he is a fantasy naughty children, perhaps you hope of old tall alls gone,air griffey  maybe you felt he was too fragile, that you are wrong, don't forget, the man also has weak, men also lonely, also afraid. Consider, when man desire is your warm embrace, is your hand gently stroke, is your word mild wind or three months, are you gently comfort, even thy tender exquisite eyes stare. However, at this time you cannot give him, you know, his heart also will it hurt? So, what you can do is only listen to, then quietly listen, don't say you had too much to drink, she said ZuiHua? You don't have to remind him, he clearly. Understand with their heart! Woman, learn to love! Learn to forgive! Know how to cherish! Since god gives us a gentle character, so gentle! Don't emphasize what gentleness is patience with depressed, that is from you just don't know gentleness. Good love this man! The woman, please cherish drunkenness to call you the man! If, can love, love him, If do not love, also take care him, If, love but can't love, in my heart it props up a stretch of the blue sky, let him sit your sunlight, in the heart of the best rose garden, let him lying in your field, he will feel your love.

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Love rules

1. Don't expect to find a suitable you, in this world that nobody is born for you. Love is when you know the TA is not someone you admire, and understand TA still exist many faults, but we still chose TA, TA in your heart is different, it is especially, not because of TA faults and abandon all the negative TA TA, of all.
2 elder brother, you not a prince, elder sister, you also not a princess, we more than the sun. Many people at home is mom and dad is the apple of, in the home is the little prince the little princess, but in other people's eyes, you can't put a princess or prince shelf, quarreled, don't think let the other side to yield to you, if one party can under high head TA, you'll 1.2142 it ~
3. Don't okay two men and make a "forever" commitment. All my life, maybe you will killed each other, love, cherish the TA together every day, a lifelong commitment too without spectrum, because you still a may be just a student, still very young, you know later how? Love cannot be eaten, not our living reality, this call seeking truth from facts, love is not a fairy tale, nor you invent drama, how do you want to just how.
4 love is not evade is hard, not to evade the responsibility for the well-being of each other, but their efforts to achieve the well-being of each other obligations. Don't because of fear and leave each other understanding. Understanding is because love, not because of fear. Love is a kind of responsibility, not easy to leave. Let you fear for the people and leave, not a wife, even pay more, the people want to leave, it will leave.
5. Love is 2 individual existence, hold the third one. Don't blame her boyfriend petty, also don't blame his girlfriend on the wheel. Love is the specificity, please remember well.
Don't give each other too much pressure.
Appropriate and keep a distance from the opposite sex, your love is beneficial.
Close to the distance, we may inadvertently make the move to embarrass each other.
Do not deceive your lover.
Remember, if you are not lying TA lifetime of grasping, then don't deceive TA, two people if we really love can be no words don't talk. When lies repeatedly been exposed, it is possible that everything is over.
6. Love a person, will be eight!
So love someone, u will because of gentle and full of sweet TA TA, more because of cold and sullen.
So love a person, will be TA nose, complete can oneself. From now on, you don't have their own ideas without their joys and sorrows, you for the center,jordan 13  followed by the TA TA together, you are the whole world; Not heel TA when together, the world is TA.
So love a person, will unprincipled to endure slowly TA TA, used to this indulgent, ignoring you for his pay, even will think you very vexed, so no character...
We say that everyone is a little make mean, when you love too TA, you've been connived at TA, indulge TA, for a long time after, TA become accustomed to, the TA will think you should be so connivance TA, you should let the TA, such, TA will forget you also should get the same love, this is the same for both men and women. Don't you think that love each other very TA will love you very love, it is unreasonable, so many times, love is not equal.
So love a person, you is a candle, desperate to burn, just to seek a light and heat. Stay candle burns out,retro jordan 1 you are nothing.
Don't love a person love oblivious to forget yourself. That love should only appear in the novel, the society increasingly unwelcome desperate love. Give TA breathing space, also give oneself leave a room - puhuo to love, ongoing when you let a person feel the magnificence of the TA, but if be past tense, you how to straighten out that a ground Wolf? Put so much, can you face the heavy loss?
So, love a person do not love arrive very, eight is enough. The rest of the two points, used to love yourself.
7. Love needs to conduct. Please believe, no matter how the changes. Love is still the most ancient most beautiful story! As long as we to a more responsibility,jordan 11  love each other's heart and leniency each other's heart and take on a more misery and less censure, less fled to escape. More of life a little enthusiasm for the feelings more passion for marriage, a little more forgiving. Attentively to operate in the marriage affection world, we can surely and loved one hand, and son xielao!
8. A lot of things, always in afterward didn't know. As feelings, pain, to know how to protect myself, Silly had to know how to properly persist and give up, get in and loss of we slowly know yourself. In fact, life does not need such pointless clinging, and learn to give up,air yeezy life is really easy. There is a feeling that no, have a kind of give up that pass.
9. If TA in love with the other people, please quietly turned to leave. Don't blame days injustice, strange land unfeeling. Want to cry to cry, want to shout shout, but don't silly before that does not love you whom do these things. The more don't expect with remembrance to change it back your love, even if you fall in love when dying, when he had others, TA also early don't care who you mouth three so-called everlasting, yes, TA is can convert so fast, do not have what surprised you cry, you make, you in poor, TA won't care, because the TA has not a love you! So simple.
10. Please believe the world will have true love. Serious, responsible to treat you love, not because you hurt, to deny love.
Finally, love a person, you should believe TA, no matter what time, any occasion, the power of love is great, can be created a miracle!

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My eyes of Jordan

"I can accept failure, but I can't accept give up".

"Before success, you must first learn to fail" - Michael Jordan

In most people's eyes, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player, his magnificent and endowed with the legendary basketball career for the sport, and his great influence of the inevitable let people pushed him into shrines. Elegant, speed, power, rich artistry, the impromptu creativity and overwhelmingly strong desire to win the perfect combination of... Jordan reinterpreted "superstar" meaning. He is recognized as the world's best basketball player, not only in his place in that era, in the entire NBA history Jordan are the best in the world. Even the same period were admitted superstar Michael Jordan lofty status, the magician Irwin Johnson; Johnson) said: "Michael Jordan on the top floor and then us."

Maybe you're not worship him, but you have to respect him, because he never to malicious hurtful, not for the fans do provocative actions, not drinking, don't take drugs. Whether in cheering, or by the visitors fans booed his return everybody is earnest and sincere smile and the exquisite much razzle, facing the billionaire fans, what he has done, just go silently move them, understand them, also let them know of himself.

As a graduated from the university of north Carolina black guy, through their own unremitting efforts proved to the world that its own value. He read spirals, in his freshman year when because stature and other reasons to be rejected in the school team out of the gate. But it was a blow did not let Jordan quit, instead more efforts, more sweat. All these unexpectedly let Jordan in just a few months has grown 10 centimeter, with skill improve Jordan finally buckle opened the door in the school team. 1984 the NBA draft convention, Jordan in the first round deserting record into basketball's highest halls. Jordan is a genius, this who can't deny, however genius also need spell it. In his just enter when professional basketball, he has been shrouded in "magic" Johnson and "large Bird" Byrd radiance of the second season in Jordan, under the playoffs the Celtic game, he crazy take 63 points. Post-match Larry Bird) so the evaluation (benchwarmer him: "today is god in the game up Jordan." Large birds have never liked compliment others, and because of this, the fans to now have the words in mind.

Beautiful air ballet, attack-schemes of any fadeaway shot, dribbling skills and shooting out a long tongue, it became Jordan's patent. Career averaging 30.123 points, history first, ten times leading scorer, six championships, the six NBA finals MVP, MVP, 5 times, 14 all-star. Countless times new records of produce boarded life, career and honor peak. He represents the NBA, the symbol of the basketball, the more symbolize the success. In material, spirit and so on various aspects under the impact of the temptation, he never lost self, still with a picture of a good behavioured man is image, battled faces towards life. On the pitch, he is god, a none, omnipotent god, his achievements, shock and brilliance is unprecedented. He to the game of basketball understanding, is any an average player cannot reach, he set scoring, rebounding, passing, steals, blocked shots at a suit, he can't stand the bulls lose a single match, he was like a ever know tired beast, crazy, crazy attack run, tear roadculture opponents defence, although there are two three to guard him to interference he even to him are still unable to prevent malicious forward footstep and winning the desire, let alone one-on-one defense, and have a "bad boy legion" -chenghai headed by Thomas pistons even invented the "Jordan rules, although this still cannot stop him heart, even the title was swept out. He led the bulls in 90-91,91-92,92-93 completed in the history of the three great feat row, created bull dynasty. Make the whole world fans all crazy about him, for he shouted for his yield.

But god also has felt the pressure. July 1993, bull hat-trick after two months, Michael Jordan's father James jordans murdered, jordans by the unexpected blow knocked down. In order to complete the father's wishes, when a baseball player, two days later, he announced his retirement. His 23 jersey also in the bulls retired..

Jordan's actions caused worldwide sensation, he as Nike spokesman, on his retirement Nike need to seek new hero to replace his position,jordans shoes  it's a pity in professional sports field no second Jordan, whole basketball shoe market sales dropped 30%. Magic Johnson, the former NBA superstar was in in TV programs on my knees, hands merger to pray, hope Michael Jordan could return to the NBA.

The bulls in Jordan left after the pitfalls that cannot complete title pippen great bull dynasty ended. Finally in 1995-1996 season, because of the love of the game, Jordan, in return for the first time this season, the Chicago bulls in leaders led obtained 72 wins 10 negative surprised brilliant achievements, unprecedented. All unconventional formidable, eventually easily defeat the sonics made the first four NBA championship. Bull in the Jordan led again toward the brilliant.

97 years in the finals, the game 5, Jordan before eating bad food poisoning,air jordans retro body quite weak, the situation is quite serious, but he still persist to play, and cut down the 38 points over the jazz. Finals game 6 last moments, Jordan breakthrough points ball to exterior Steve. Cole, cole shot at three points, the bulls to a fifth championship!

98, NBA finals,cheap jordans  still is bull against Utah game full of confidence, many people are valued jazz will win, but Jordan doesn't agree. The first six games, scottie pippen back to endure played poorly, more should rely on Michael Jordan. "The mailman" and "general" combination is still strong

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Let the joy continue!

When the Olympic torch relay in guizhou, again invited came to the platform holds the Olympic flame empress live show." Because just back from mianyang and have another earthquake over the past month, where he went there would be side ask about disaster situation. Recently I do more things is to accompany children to disaster areas, they bring joy. Everyone is concerned about earthquake victims, every time that I will visit disaster children, my friends and colleagues are all hope I can give them linked to a disaster areas in need of help for their children, oneself do some specific help. But I didn't finish them over to my task. Every time I see disaster kids, I didn't have the courage to ask their home circumstance, because I want to see their smile more, want to let their life earlier subsided. With the kid lead 61, see when they visit venues excited very happy. However, someone asked sat beside my little girl home circumstance, she has a low voice say, "my sister didn't." From these two sentences simple conversations later, to I with their time of break up, and the little girl has been low head... And go to sea water of sanya wenchuan activities, to see the children before they heard that some have become orphans, let me in the process of being together with them more carefully to communicate with them. Two days ago and li ning sports foundation to go see have classes in mianyang of students, and sent them by Hong Kong charitable organizations "healthy express" donated tents and cot and other substances. In shacks classroom see children, they are very lovely, no more language, but when li ning eldest brother, the classroom after performing handstand a lively up, cheerful laughters, admire the JingTanSheng still reverberating, students also have pulled out their skills, euphemism qiang songs and punchy reading "ManJiangGong", let us feel the children's bright and strong. When the bring their sugar to all the time. The children is happy. At last the children to take on my wrist of Beijing Olympic Games volunteer "smile circle" is also carried out "forced for"! This is where the age the energy due, maybe can't let them suddenly forget the pain, at least I know they eat candy at the moment of the mouth is sweet... This is also our to purpose, give schoolmates to bring more encouragement and happy.

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Cherish hero - miss xu wave

Last night to watch sports news, this gap see only learned about xu wave wrecked the news of... Because they like racing, participated in domestic rally, so the recent is watching the news through east, remember the first day of xu wave does well, fifth, have never thought the next day the traffic is bad, let his car bad on the side of the road, so the trailer is probably hook off? Specific I also is not very understanding. Anyhow, xu wave leave too accident! Is really very grieved!!! Speaking of xu waves, may not concern racing friend is not clear, but seen in Dakar rally friends, should know his name; In racing, xu wave name no know. He is an outstanding talented riders, rally is his favourite career. I and xu wave communication though not a lot, from others heard some of his story, but he also to have certain knowledge. Remember last year to longyou RACES, saw his playing style, car very beautiful, mature technology, speed, pretty admire him. Unknown team last year in his lead also made brilliant achievements, in awards, I saw xu waves and his team multiple podium, was still want to wait until next year's competition, with xu waves to consult, improve their motorbike. But who knows he was so accidentally gone... Xu wave is that very talented drivers, he had served as honghe's rally driver participated in Dakar rally for the tournament, which is known to every driver is a high challenge, xu waves of Dakar achievement is good. I think every wave will know xu for his accident left but feel sorry for. His fame may not senna, MaiKeLei, no more than they brilliant record, but in China the racing, xu waves of name absolutely is famous! Say to Russia's accident, actually racing itself is safe, car inner in every respect to pay much attention to the protection of racer, may be said to be very comprehensive, even if car turned into the ditch, drivers are usually no problem, and xu wave this sank into the mud was not injured. In the domestic game, also do not have such a serious accident, as long as the driver is normal standard operation, do not have great safety problems.

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